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Andrew Berube- Design Consultant


Andrew is our Design Consultant, playing a vital role in client interactions at STS Corporate. He actively engages with both prospective and current clients, dedicating time to understand their unique preferences and aspirations for their business. Through meaningful conversations and active listening, Andrew gains a clear understanding of a client’s wishes, enabling him to design the right solution and bring their vision to life.

Andrew creates unique, high-tech solutions that are simple to use and easy to understand. He designs systems that deliver excellent performance and frequently exceed client expectations. He also values positive working relationships and takes a collaborative approach with partners, design teams, and clients to ensure the seamless execution of projects.

Andrew is dedicated to keeping clients happy and serves as a reliable resource for guidance and support. He continues to provide exceptional service post-installation. He loves finding ways to enrich clients’ lives with technology.

Outside of work, Andrew is an avid collector of retro video games and vinyl records. He is also a skilled guitarist and bassist who values quality time with his wife and dog. Together, they like attending concerts, enjoying live music, and watching standup comedy.

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