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Milford Fire Department Station 5

The Challenge

   When the Milford Fire Department building went under a major renovation, Smarthome was called to fit their new presentation room with a projector, screen and on-wall touch screen to control the system.  This room would be used for training purposes for not only the Milford Firefighters but could also host training for neighboring towns and other Milford Town Committees, if needed.  This system needed to not only be adaptable for a variety of trainers and their equipment but it also had to be cost effective.

Danbury childrens hospital lobby showing
Danbury Childrens Hospital Adult admirin
Danbury childrens hospital lobby showing

The Solution

   Smarthome supplied and installed a projector while the town supplied the on-wall screen previously installed in the old firehouse. This is just one way cost savings were attained on this project. The on-wall touch screen allowed for easy set up for any trainer using the equipment. A series of prompts on screen will guide even a first time user to successfully operating the room. Through custom programming and input from those who use the room daily, the on screen prompts could be updated after install.

   Once users are familiar with the system and less instruction is needed, the startup prompts can be streamlined to get the system running quicker. When users are very comfortable with the system just a single press can get the system configured and up and running. The room was equipped with both a VGA and an HDMI connection on the wall. These connections are for the presenter's laptop to display.

Danbury Childrens Hospital child admirin
Danbury Childrens hospital lobby interac

Engineer, Jared O'Mara

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