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The Main Lounge

The Challenge

Jessica's Color Room in Cromwell, CT is a full-service salon with a separate space called The Main Lounge that is a beautiful rental space with conference rooms available for individuals who work from home and need a place to connect. They offer a variety of rooms to suit your needs.

The Main Lounge was lacking several technology solutions to function smoothly. There were no existing security measures to safeguard their business or employees. They also lacked a way to manage access in and out the building. The Main Lounge also, needed a way to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance business functions and enhance the customer experience.

The Solution

We created custom tech solutions to meet their needs. First, we installed a comprehensive Wi-Fi network throughout The Main Lounge, ensuring strong and reliable internet connectivity across all areas. The network was designed to accommodate the needs of the staff and the clientele, enabling smooth operation of digital devices and services within the space. 

To address their security needs, we installed a security camera system, including the parking lot, to monitor key areas and entry points. This system featured motion detection and remote access capabilities allowing for real-time monitoring and instant alerts in case of suspicious activity. A keyless entry system was also was installed to ensure approved entry to designated areas. The system offered flexibility in managing access permissions, allowing The Main Lounge to easily grant or revoke access as needed, thereby enhancing security and operational efficiency. 

Our integrated technology solutions transformed The Main Lounge by enhancing their security, connectivity, and operational efficiency. We were so happy to work with their team and take their business to the next level. 

Engineer, Jared O'Mara

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