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Danbury Children's Hospital

The Challenge

The Danbury Children’s Hospital was under a large renovation project and construction was well underway by the time STS Corporate was called. The project included an 11 foot glass video wall which was installed in the center of the waiting room where the images were interactive holograms. Since glass is transparent, we had to frost the glass and purchase a custom film that was applied to the glass wall.

To add to this challenge, the waiting room had seating “in the round” and only one projector could be used to project a 16:9 ratio image with an infrared camera to detect the location and movement of the people “in the scene”.  The image would appear to float in the waiting room, like a hologram.

The Solution

The three images initially installed were: an aquarium where as you reached out to touch the screen and the fish swam away; a pond covered in leaves, as you moved your hand over the image the leaves would blow away;  and a human form, where when you waved your hand over the image,

it would turn to a human body skeleton.

This was a case where an idea was presented, loved and accepted by all the stakeholders but the challenge came in when the interior designer needed to complete it. This was an extremely specific installation and an appropriate timeline for installation was not considered.  The only company in the world who manufactured this product was in Israel which created another layer that increased

the timeline. 

STS Corporation worked very closely with this company to figure out how to work within the confinements of the current construction time line; technical requirements of the system, the room requirements/construction and the ceiling height that we had to mount the projector to and complete the installation in a short timeline right before the grand opening. It was a huge success!

Engineer, Jared O'Mara

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