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Hilton Garden Inn

The Challenge

Hilton Garden Inn in Danbury CT.,  needed an update to their conference room with a new Audio Video System to stay competitive in the marketplace. The Danbury Hilton is located in northern Fairfield County.  The majority of their mid-week business is corporate business; meetings, seminars, conferences.  The AV capability of such a hotel is vital to attracting new business and re-booking current business.  Over the years, the Danbury Hilton’s “state of the art” AV capabilities became outdated.  The original 4-3 image (which is a square) was not compatible with new computers, laptops and tablets which have a 16-9 rectangular image.  They were losing corporate business to other area hotels and called STS Corporate to help them with a solution.

The Solution

As budget is always an issue in any job we work on, STS Corporate has extensive experience in assessing any job and finding the most cost effective solution that will work best in each individual situation.  After assessing the conference room at the Danbury Hilton, which had soffits, a drop ceiling and a small screen, we were able to suggest the following solution:

  • a motorized 100” wide screen which we retrofit in the existing structure of the room and completely re-tracts into the ceiling

  • a single tablet mounted on the wall is used to raise and lower the screen

  • a video scaler that makes it easy for each user to hook their computers, tablets or laptops into the system


This system not only allowed the hotel to be competitive in the market place and attract both new and current clients to use their hotel and conference services, it also makes it easier for the clients and the hotel staff. We were able to build out this job around conferences and schedule the install during the work week as to not disturb the weekend guests.  It only took a couple of days and we stayed within budget.

Engineer, Jared O'Mara

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