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Your trusted partner to design, install and maintain the technology that powers your business. 

Conference Room

Conference Rooms

Modern meeting spaces allow teams to collaborate on site or remotely. Our designs feature scalable presentation systems allowing connection via a single HDMI cable or wireless link from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Remote team members can join the conversation with video conferencing systems that natively support the most popular applications - Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business or simply bring your own device with Open UC.


One button press to join or start a meeting provides a simple and consistent user experience keep meetings on time and productivity at it's highest.

Business Security

Smart security begins with a foundation of intrusion detection, the trusted security system. Protect your building and its contents from unauthorized access.

Card access  tracks and manage access while protecting your employees and securing your properties with smart locks. Even integrates with your employee time clock.

Video surveillance allows for 24/7 recording and remote viewing. Visibility for high traffic areas and added security for the secluded areas.

Commercial grade fire alarm systems will monitor for smoke and fire and can integrate with commercial sprinkler systems.

Business Security
Network and Wi-Fi

Network and Wi-Fi

A fast network is paramount. Our services range from installation of wiring during construction and can include deployment and management of network components. Most without any recurring license fees.

Fast Wi-Fi with even coverage for device counts into the hundreds. Secured by separating guest users from the main network. We can design a wireless system customized to suit your business needs.

Secure gateways and firewalls are critical for securing the network and protecting from loss of IP.  

Data backup, a critical piece of business continuity. Back up daily, duplicate offsite and automate for simplicity. 

Managed Service Provider 

​How secure is your business? Do you face these risks? 

  • Cybersecurity attacks, virus, ransomware, or phishing

  • Vulnerable data breach such as IP data, credit cards, passwords, or bank info

  • Expensive downtime costs in productivity and sales


For growing companies who aren’t ready for full-time IT employees, and IT teams feeling overworked, understaffed, and need help getting the job done faster, we can help. We act as an extension of your company and proactively maintain your infrastructure while providing help with special requests. 

Invest in your company's wellbeing.         Prevention is your best investment!

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