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Leniad Dejesus - Field Technician


Leniad (Lenny) is a Field Technician who is a driven self-starter. She works alongside our Lead Technician. She builds and organizes equipment racks to prepare them for installation while making them accessible for future service. She also collaborates with other team members to ensure all equipment is working properly. Her attention to detail helps with wiring and overseeing the cleanup of job sites to deliver white-glove service.

Lenny’s enthusiastic mindset is helpful in creating new ways to efficiently deploy projects. She offers a fresh point of view as a female in the field. Her ability to execute her responsibilities with a meticulous approach contributes to exceptional client service.

Lenny loves learning new ways to install A/V equipment to discover how devices can function in unique and beneficial ways. She is a team player and enjoys contributing to weekly discussions that focus on best practices for service calls.

 Lenny was born and raised in a small town in Puerto Rico and currently lives in New Haven County. She has a passion for having fun with her daughter and teaching her new things. She also enjoys cooking, music, and new adventures. Lenny loves creating unforgettable memories with her family and friends.

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