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Two Roads Brewing Company

The Challenge

 A brand new start up brewery located in Stratford, CT.,  was just finishing construction on their building when they realized they had a few issues relating to their AV system in their tasting room, which could also double as a meeting/event room.  Although the facility was beautiful, they forgot to take into account that the glass wall overlooking production was noisy and not conducive to listening to music/TV’s/presentations. In keeping with the building and safety codes, this room was also very bright so patrons couldn’t easily see the TV’s or presentations. The owners did not want to shut down the brewery during our construction and were looking for our solution to be as cost effective as possible.

The Solution


  • Sound system so the music could be heard through the noise of the brewery, not so loud that the patrons couldn’t hear themselves talk

  • Install a projector that would be bright enough to be seen while all the lights were on

  • Install an easy to use control system

  • Install a microphone system for addressing clients in the tasting room or to be used by a presenter when rented as a meeting room   


After assessing the space, the owner’s requirements and the room’s capabilities, STS Corporate went to work.  We installed 20 speakers throughout the space which allowed for the music to be heard evenly in the room without being loud. These speakers also amplify the audio of the wireless microphone system.  We installed a new projector bright enough to be seen in complete daylight and a retractable screen to save space in the room.  The AV system is now controlled by a single system with the wall mounted tablet.  

Engineer, Jared O'Mara

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